• ECP-315/TNH1
    Usunibi (Grey)
  • ECP-315/TNH2
    Kareiro (Brownish Grey)
  • ECP-315/TNH3
    Nibiiro (Dark Grey)


Porous ceramics / Glazed

Field material ECP-315/TNH1~TNH3

Size/sht (Actual) 302x150.5mm
Thickness 6mm, 8.5mm Mix
Joint 1mm
Open joint
Quantity/sqm 22.6pcs
Quantity/ctn 24pcs
Weight/ctn 12.2kg
  • Dimension of piece

Field material (half) ECP‐1511T/TNH1(R)~TNH3(R)

Size/sht (Actual) 150.5x150.5mm
Thickness 6mm
Joint 1mm
Open joint
Quantity/m 6.8pcs
Quantity/ctn 40pcs
Weight/ctn 9.4kg
  • Dimension of piece

Installation Tools:
Square notch trowel 3mm

Has pattern and color variation.
Apply with 1mm joint width


You can calculate necessary cartons per area. Please input square meters or square feet, then you can get approximate number of cartons.
✽ For series with multiple shapes, please select model number before input area.