Before Starting

Permitted Places for Installation

*ECOCARAT can be installed to interior walls that do not get wet.

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Entrance wall
  • Hallway wall

Places Not Permitted for Installation

*ECOCARAT cannot be installed to areas that get wet, to exterior walls, or to floors.

  • Exterior
  • Bath
  • Floor
  • Behind kitchen
  • Waist-height wall in
    public toilet

Remodeling or Renovation Work
If existing walls are finished with wallpaper or paint, proceed with installation after removing the wallpaper or paint, accordingly.


  1. ECOCARAT cannot be used where water may regularly splash or collect, or where it gets wet directly from running water.
  2. Usage is not permitted for bathrooms or behind kitchen countertops.
  3. Floor installation is not permitted.
  4. Outdoor installation is not permitted.
  5. Installations are feasible in bedrooms and living rooms, wherever interior wall sections provide an installation height of less than 3 meters.
  6. The effectiveness of ECOCARAT will vary according to usage conditions of a room, and environmental conditions such as the weather and ventilation.
  7. In spaces with poor influx of air, please adopt sufficient measures for ventilation by opening windows or other means.
  8. For a reinforced concrete backing, installations should provide for gapping of 0.5 to 1 mm, according to tile size. More information here.