Handling Precautions

Avoid contact with anything sharp-tipped.

Avoid contact with anything sharp-tipped.
The surface may scratch or scrape off.

Do not hammer in hooks or screws.

Hammering directly into a piece may result in cracks and damage.
Use a motorized screwdriver to install hooks or screws.
For further details, consult with an installer.

Care Instructions

Routine Care

Wipe with a dry clean cloth.
Avoid wet wiping or cleaning with water.
Chlorinated bleach is recommended whenever mold occurs.

  • Dusting

    If dust on the surface becomes noticeable, wipe it off gently with a disposable handy mop or similar implement.

  • Handprints,
    Pencil Marks

    Light marks left by handprints and pencils, for example, can be rubbed off with a plastic eraser.

  • Tobacco Stains

    Depending on the frequency of smoking, a tightly wrung, clean cloth may be used for wiping such stains.

Removing Soiling and Stains
(Use Bleach and Cotton Swabs)

  • Coffee
  • Ketchup,
    mayonnaise, sauces


  • 1. Remove any residue with a moistened cotton swab.

  • 2. Dab bleach (bottle strength) on the stain with a cotton swab.

  • 3. The stain will fade in about a day.


Some residue may be difficult to remove.
Exercise care to avoid the adherence of the following.

  • Footwear scuffing
  • Plastic abrasion
  • Lipstick
  • Hair dye

Other marks to avoid
India ink, art paint, pens (water or oil based), crayons, nail polish, other inks

Care Movie

Prohibited Cleaning Items

*The following may aggravate staining or scratching.

  • Hard kitchen sponge
  • Metal scouring brush
  • Dirty cloth