2.Pleasant Indoor Environment

Natural capacity of mud and clay reproduced for adsorption of excess indoor humidity and odors

Mechanism of ECOCARAT

ECOCARAT has pores to catch and release air. The pore size is 1 nanometer (a millionth of 1 mm), the optimum size for adsorption of moisture and odors. The plentiful number of pores further enables unusually superb air-cleaning capacity, even when compared to diatomaceous earth.

Moisture Regulation

Indoor humidity fluctuates throughout the day, according to the weather and air temperature, not just between the seasons. ECOCARAT captures excess indoor humidity, and also releases humidity to moisten the indoors when highly dry. Indoor moisture regulation works like breathing.

Deodorizing Function

Unpleasant odors from everyday living emanate from the toilet, spoiled garbage, tobacco, and pets. The microscopic pores of ECOCARAT can adsorb ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, the culprits of these lifestyle odors, and thus alleviate foul odors as a benefit.

Other Features