What happens to any adsorbed odors?

Testing has shown that any odors are released slowly, below any noticeable levels. (Olfactory sensitivity may vary by the individual, however.)

How long does the functional benefit last?

The base material holds this characteristic, which is semi-permanent. The functional benefit will not deteriorate or change.

What is the surface area (m2) required for ECOCARAT to deliver effective performance?

The guideline is a volume-to-area ratio of 0.1 (cubic room volume (m3) multiplied by 0.1 to derive surface area (m2)). *Thus, an area of 10 m2 or more is desirable for a room of 100 m3.

Is the functional benefit effective in a closed room?

Because the functional benefit is obtained through adsorption and release of humidity in the air, closed rooms or spaces without any airflow cannot obtain any effective benefit.

Can ECOCARAT become saturated?

Saturation might occur if relative humidity remained at 100% for many days. In the real world, however, humidity levels would never lead to saturation.

Can mold develop?

With sufficient moisture and nutrients, mold may develop just like on other materials. For example, oily uncleanlinness like ketchup or mayonnaise adhered to the surface may cause mold to grow at those sites. We recommend chlorinated bleach agents for maintenance to counteract any mold growth.